According to the relevant legislation, ÖSYM Bayburt Coordination Office ensures the application processes for such tests as YGS, PMYO, DUS, DGS, LYS, KPSS, ALS, YDS, ALES, JANA, TUS, TODAIF and others, to take candidates’ digital photos, to issue them passwords and assist them regarding to where they will take their tests. Another task of this Department is to prepare those school buildings affiliated with the National Education Ministry and the faculties and colleges within the Bayburt province for the exams. It also ensures the cleaning and orderliness of the classes including the arrangement of elevators and special exam halls for handicapped candidates also detecting and meeting relevant needs for the tests.   
During the Exam Periods.
To ensure that question papers and other examination materials are kept under security and they are transported properly packaged.
To ensure that candidates are not affected at all (or are affected by minimum) of environmental and other conditions on the day of the test, through coordination with the Governor’s Office, the Police Department, The Provincial Directorate of Population and the Urban Planning Directorate. Upon completion of the test, to submit test  booklets and test answer sheets duly to the security courier assigned by the ÖSYM Office and ensure that relevant security personnel, carriers and drivers are properly assigned.  
Also to ensure that the supervisors, clerks, school officials, wishing to take up services at the Bayburt ÖSYM Office, to retrieve their records at YİS (Operations Management Systems) and to convey them to the ÖSYM in electronic media.
In short, Department’s topmost duty is to ensure that ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) tests are done duly and observed.